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Pirates sign outfielder Kevin Sanchez for $450,000

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pirates have signed 16-year-old Kevin Sanchez for $450,000 on the international market,'s Jesse Sanchez tweets. We previously noted a report that the Bucs were highly interested in Sanchez, who that report had listed as a shortstop. Jesse Sanchez, however, calls Kevin an outfielder.

Also, Baseball America's Ben Badler notes that Dominican catcher Samuel Inoa has received a $240,000 bonus, noting that Inoa has a good arm and could have some potential as a hitter. Inoa had previously been connected to the Pirates, so his signing isn't a surprise.

With $450,000 for Sanchez, $350,000 for Bahamian outfielder Larry Alcime Jr. and $240,000 for Inoa, the Pirates have spent about half of their total international bonus pool, which comes in at a bit over $2 million. It is, obviously, extremely difficult for an outsider to tell what kinds of players these guys will turn out to be, but they'll clearly be players to watch as they advance through the Bucs' minor-league system.