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Pirates fall after rain delay, 5-2

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates lost 5-2 to the Indians Friday night after a lengthy rain delay, only managing three hits against Trevor Bauer and a series of Cleveland relievers.

In the second inning, Charlie Morton gave up a single to David Murphy and then elevated a fastball to Brandon Moss, who belted it to left for a two-run homer. Cleveland grabbed another run in the fourth on an RBI double by Michael Bourn, and the Bucs remained behind even after Andrew McCutchen lifted a two-run homer to center in the bottom half of the inning.

Morton got through six, striking out three, walking three and allowing three runs. The Indians took a 3-2 lead into the rain delay, and when the two teams returned much later there was practically no one still in the park (and many of those who remained were Indians fans). Arquimedes Caminero entered in the eighth and loaded the bases with one out, and Bourn hit a soft liner up the middle to put Cleveland up by three.

And that was pretty much it. McCutchen reached base three times, but other than that, the Pirates offense didn't do much. There isn't much to say about it, really, except that there will be another game tomorrow, hopefully one in which the Pirates won't take five hours to do very little.