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Pregame: Pirates designate Pedro Florimon for assignment

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Florimon DFA'd; Wall joins bullpen

A day after he ended a 15-inning marathon by knocking a game-winning triple off the Clemente Wall, Pedro Florimon was informed by Clint Hurdle that he was designated for assignment.

"I told him that I'm glad we're having a hard conversation now," Hurdle described breaking the news to Florimon. "I'm glad you helped us win the game last night. I'm glad all your hard work paid off. I was happy to hug you after game. Here's the harder part..."

Hurdle told the infielder to continue doing the things that got him back to the majors in the first place and that the move was being made because of a "challenge in the bullpen, not because of lack of performance on your part."

Taking Florimon's spot on the roster is right-hander Josh Wall, who will join the bullpen and be available for tonight's game.

"We've added Wall for length and for volume," Hurdle said.

Wall posted a 2.93 ERA in 30 innings pitched with Indianapolis.

"He's aggressive on the mound," Hurdle said. "We think he is another one of those guys we believe we can help find his way back."

Pirates have "intent to sign Travis Snider"

Hurdle confirmed that the Pirates have the "intent to sign Travis Snider to a minor league contract." Should he sign, Snider is scheduled to join the Indianapolis Indians in Charlotte tomorrow.

"We'd like to see him get out and play," Hurdle said. "He needs to get some playing time in and sharpen his skills."

Snider batted .237/.318/.341 in 236 plate appearances this season with the Orioles.

"He's an option at two different outfield spots," Hurdle said. "He's an option off the bat to hit and, in a pinch, a left-hander reliever off the bench late."

Hurdle's last comment was a reference to the one inning Snider pitched last June in a blow out loss.

Helmet toss

Hurdle did not see Jo-ho Kang angrily toss his helmet in the dugout after lining into a double play to end the ninth.

"I don't pay a lot of attention of what goes on behind me during a game," Hurdle said. "I haven't viewed any video of what happened. I'd like the camera to follow everybody around 24-hours a day and see how you react to some things."

Hurdle on 'wooing'

Anyone who has been to PNC Park recently or watched a game on TV knows that full-throated 'wooing' is back. Hurdle was asked if he hears the racket and if it annoys him.

"What usually happens when you tell your kids that you don't really like something that they do?" Hurdle asked a reporter.

"They try to do it immediately."

"So that's what I got for you on the woo-woo thing," Hurdle replied. "I don't believe we hear it anywhere else."

Interpretation: If he said how much wooing annoyed him, it probably would only encourage more of it.