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Notes: Pirates outright Pedro Florimon and Josh Wall, scout Byung-Ho Park

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A couple quick notes:

-P- As you may have already seen, the Pirates have outrighted Pedro Florimon and Josh Wall. That will give them a bit more depth at Indianapolis for the time being, and more choices when rosters expand in September. It wouldn't be surprising if Florimon came back then, due to his defensive ability. The problem will be clearing a 40-man spot for him.

-P- The Pirates were reportedly one of many teams scouting Byung-Ho Park in Korea yesterday. This isn't the first time it's appeared that the Bucs have scouted Park, who's probably the single clearest available answer to their ongoing first base problems. Unfortunately, whoever signs him isn't going to get the kind of bargain the Pirates got with Jung-Ho Kang. As Ken Rosenthal pointed out this weekend, Kang's success as a KBO position player transitioning to the majors ensures that his former teammate is going to get more money than he did. Park, by the way, is having the best offensive season of his career so far, which is saying a lot -- he's got 43 homers and a 1.171 OPS through 481 plate appearances.