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Notes: Cubs' Jake Arrieta pitches no-hitter

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A few quick notes:

-P- In case you missed it, Jake Arrieta pitched a no-hitter against the Dodgers last night. (In a weird coincidence, I wrote a piece on Saturday about Arrieta's extension prospects that was published before the game yesterday.) Arrieta would be the Cubs' best choice to start against the Pirates in the Wild Card game, and he's a good one -- due to his ground-ball tendencies, he's probably actually become a better pitcher than, say, Madison Bumgarner. A couple months ago I would have said I'd rather the Pirates faced the Cubs than the Giants in the Wild Card game, but I think that's switched now.

-P- The Mets made what's likely to be one of the last significant trades of the season, acquiring reliever Addison Reed from the Diamondbacks. The deadline for August trades is today, and it seems unlikely the Pirates will make a significant move. As David Manel reported yesterday, the Pirates say that they've made some claims already that haven't resulted in trades. It's likely they were claiming players their teams had no intention of dealing. And it sounds like even those have been few and far between, with most players not reaching the Bucs' waiver priority. Given the restrictions in place, getting a player who would be an upgrade on their current roster would be hard.

-P- This is a terrific article about Indianapolis manager Dean Treanor.