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Cardinals activate Adam Wainwright

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This seems a little less relevant now than it would have if the Pirates had won on Monday, but the Cardinals have announced that they've activated Adam Wainwright. To clear space, they'll move Carlos Martinez to the 60-day DL. Via old friend Jenifer Langosch, Wainwright will pitch in relief. The Cards have had an injury-plagued season, and they recently lost Martinez and Yadier Molina, but they keep chugging along.

It's unclear what they'll be able to get out of Wainwright at this point -- he missed almost the whole season with a torn Achilles, and he hasn't done a rehab assignment. He's also come back more quickly than anticipated. Obviously, though, if he's able to pitch at even 80 percent of his normal ability, he'll provide a boost to a Cardinals pitching staff that didn't even really need one, despite the loss of Martinez. Look out for Wainwright beginning this afternoon, and in the NLDS, assuming the Pirates can get there.