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Other teams mining Pirates' front office for talent

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In the last several days, the Pirates' front office has already undergone one significant departure, and it could soon face another.

Sunday, Keith Law reported that the Marlins would hire Pirates special assistant Marc DelPiano.

With the Pirates, DelPiano scouted pro players, and his input was a key reason the Pirates initially acquired Jason Grilli.

The Brewers, meanwhile, will interview another member of the Pirates' front office for their GM job.

It's hard to assess the impact of these hirings. Actually, the Pirates have so many smart people in their front office right now that there aren't very many individuals I'd actually worry about losing (Jim Benedict being one of the very few). As with the Rangers' hiring of Jeff Banister last year, I mostly take other teams' interest in the Pirates' executives as a sign that the Bucs' front office is well respected. As the offseason continues, though, it will be interesting to see if the Pirates lose anyone else.