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7 Pirates players file for arbitration

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Seven Pirates players have officially filed for arbitration. Via MLBTR, here they are, with their service time and with 2016 salary projections.

Francisco Cervelli (5.146) – $2.5 million
Jared Hughes (3.162) – $2.2 million
Jeff Locke (3.020) – $3.5 million
Mark Melancon (5.098) – $10.0 million
Jordy Mercer (3.095) – $1.8 million
Chris Stewart (5.091) – $1.6 million
Tony Watson (4.101) – $4.6 million

The Bucs' list of arbitration eligibles was recently reduced with the departures of Neil Walker and Pedro Alvarez. A Mark Melancon trade would further trim the list (and the Bucs' projected financial commitment to this group of players, which currently tops $26 million), but there have been no recent indications that a deal is imminent.

This week, the remaining arbitration-eligible players and the Pirates will exchange salary figures. The Bucs will likely reach deals with many of these players, although it's possible one or two will actually go to arbitration, starting in February. Last year, the Pirates took three players (Alvarez, Walker and Vance Worley) to hearings, a total that represented the most of any team. Alvarez and Worley won their cases; Walker lost his.