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Jaff Decker signs minor league deal with Rays

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

This is about as minor as a move could possibly be and still be directly relevant to last year's Pirates team, but it's a slow day, so let's take a moment to note that Jaff Decker has signed a minor-league deal with the Rays. The Bucs non-tendered Decker a few weeks back after he spent two full years on the 40-man roster and made such a small impression that there's probably still a meaningful percentage of you who are looking at this post right now and mispronouncing Decker's name to yourself. (For those who don't know, it's pronounced "Joof Dakar," like the capital of Senegal. Well, okay, no it's not. But instead of telling me that's wrong, try finding some excuses to say that out loud instead.)

In two years, Decker collected a grand total of 41 big-league plate appearances. It is, however, okay to use a 40-man spot or two on a player who's good Triple-A depth, and Decker, who consistently posted good minor league on-base percentages and can play a bit at all three outfield positions, certainly qualified. The Pirates ultimately showed little interest in him, though, and he was mostly superfluous due to the presences of Travis Snider and then Gregory Polanco. Still, Decker is young enough, at 25, that he could end up collecting a few years of big-league service time. Here's wishing him the best in Tampa or Durham or wherever he ends up.