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Pirates announce coaching, front office changes

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The Pirates have announced the following front office changes:

-P- Dave Jauss (whose previous title had just been "coach") has been named the Pirates' bench coach. Brad Fischer, who joined Clint Hurdle's staff last year, will remain a coach for the Pirates at the big-league level.

-P- Kevan Graves has been named assistant general manager (a title he will, presumably, share with Kyle Stark and Greg Smith). Graves had previously been their director of baseball operations.

-P- Will Lawton has been named assistant director, baseball operations. He had previously been a baseball operations assistant. (That sounds like an assistant-to-the-regional-manager change, but I'm guessing Lawton will have different responsibilities, due to Graves' promotion.) Sean Kelly has been named a baseball operations assistant.

Anyway, for our purposes, it's probably unwise to read too much into these. These sorts of changes are common in the offseason. The Pirates have, however, had lots of upheaval in their front office in recent months with the departures of Jim Benedict, Marc DelPiano and Tyrone Brooks.