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Quiz: Members of the 2013 Pirates

Brian Kersey/Getty Images

How well do you remember the team that broke the Pirates' streak of losing seasons? Find out in this quiz.

A lot of these answers are fairly straightforward, although there were a few players who I was surprised ended up playing for the Bucs in 2013 and not, say, 2011. And then there are some who are tough because they simply were fringe players. Look out for:

1) A tall pitcher who was a Pirates second-round draft pick during the Dave Littlefield era

2) Two very old middle infield types

3) An extremely old pitcher best known for his work in the AL East

4) A former Cubs top prospect

5) At least two pitchers who wound up in the Rangers organization, and

6) A veteran Triple-A reliever who came to the Pirates after being granted free agency by the Diamondbacks.

Good luck! As usual, you can provide last names only. And in case you can't tell, the numbers are the games in which each player appeared for the Pirates in 2013.