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Wrestling's Jim Ross wants to be Pirates broadcaster

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Former professional wrestling announcer Jim Ross says he wants Tim Neverett's job.

Three things:

1. Yes, this is stupid.

2. No, this will never happen.

3. This is hilarious.

Not being a wrestling fan (although I do get a kick out of the ridiculous pageantry of the Royal Rumble), I had to look up who Jim Ross is.

There would be something pretty funny about someone like this broadcasting a baseball game, and of course the Pirates' roster is known to contain some wrestling fans.

At this point in the post, I'd written all this stuff about the reasons you can't have a professional wrestling broadcaster calling a 162-game baseball season (even if he does have a bit of "real" sports broadcasting experience, having broadcast some Atlanta Falcons games two decades ago). But I'm not sure any of it was necessary to say. Let's just enjoy this weird, brief cultural collision for what it is.