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Quiz: Every pitcher to record a save for the Pirates since 2005

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, new quiz. Name every pitcher to have recorded a save for the Pirates since 2005. The dates listed are each player's entire tenure with the Bucs, whether or not he recorded a save in all of those years; the saves total is his saves total with the Pirates, not for his entire career. As usual, you can use last names only.

Most of you will have a pretty easy time with the key Pirates closers of the last decade, and you can also get a number of correct answers by simply thinking about who the trusted veteran setup men were. But there are a number of players, particularly the one- or two-save guys, who are brutally tough to get. So here are a few hints.

1. There are a handful of left-handed pitchers, so don't forget the lefties.

2. There are two former Pirates first-round picks.

3. The one-save player who pitched for the Bucs in 2006 and 2007 had previously been a closer for an NL West team.

4. Good luck with all the guys who pitched for the Pirates in 2008. Actually, that isn't a hint, it's more of a taunt. So here's a hint. There's one oft-injured pitcher from that period whose last name you might be spelling wrong. Here's another. Two pitchers who collected one save apiece for the Pirates in that period played for the same two teams in their careers, the Pirates and an AL East club.

5. One of the 2013 players only pitched 11 innings in the majors. He recorded his lone save by pitching three innings in a 10-3 game against Milwaukee.

6. The 2013 pitcher who recorded two saves only pitched 8.2 innings with the Bucs. He was 37 years old at the time.

Good luck!