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Pirates re-sign Jared Lakind

In the minor news department, Baseball America's transactions page shows the Pirates as having re-signed left-handed reliever Jared Lakind.  (Sorry, this is the best I've got in the way of distractions for those of you who are tired of endless shots of noted orthopedic surgeon Joe Maddon.)  This would be a minor league contract, necessitated by the fact that Lakind would have been eligible for minor league free agency.  He will be eligible for the Rule 5 draft.

For those who haven't been studying, Lakind was drafted as a first baseman in 2010, but made the transition to pitcher back in 2013.  He's spent much of his time hurt and never pitched above low A until this year, when the Pirates jumped him all the way to Altoona.  He had a 2.59 ERA, 1.18 WHIP and 8.5 K/9, which is pretty good considering his experience level.  He throws in the low-90s with a good breaking ball and improving command.  He'll be 25 when next season starts, but he lost quite a few years to injuries and trying to make it as a hitter.  And he's left-handed.