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Pirates release 2017 Spring Training schedule

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have released their Spring Training schedule for 2017. Here are the details:

Spring Training

The exhibitions at Olympic Stadium in Montreal have already been announced. The other unusual aspect of this schedule is the March 8 game, in which they'll play the Dominican Republic's World Baseball Classic team. The Bucs also won't have a Black & Gold scrimmage, instead just kicking off their spring slate with the February 25 split-squad day against the Orioles and Rays. The spring season starts a bit early this season because of the World Baseball Classic -- last year's schedule started February 29.

Otherwise, this year's spring schedule looks fairly normal, with the Pirates playing about the same blend of opponents they always do. Fans can begin buying individual game tickets on January 21, with Spring Training season tickets available November 28.

The Pirates begin their regular season schedule April 3 at Fenway Park, with the home opener April 7 against the Braves.