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Pirates reportedly considering moving Andrew McCutchen to right field

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are considering changing their outfield alignment to Gregory Polanco in left, Starling Marte in center and Andrew McCutchen in right, Buster Olney tweets.

I'm all for Marte in center. But the idea that McCutchen should play right field is ... well, maybe not ridiculous, but something close to it. McCutchen has a weak-ish arm even for center, and opposing runners would take extra bases on him all day with him in right. Many teams would instead consider putting him in left, but the Pirates must feel that left field in PNC is so important that McCutchen, who rated as the worst regular center fielder in baseball last year, can't play there.

Even more than the news that the Pirates considered dealing McCutchen to the Nats last summer, this new tidbit strongly suggests the Bucs would be very open to trading McCutchen. His transformation from a superstar to a square peg now appears to be complete, at least in their minds.