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Ivan Nova has received contract offers similar to J.A. Happ's

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ivan Nova's agent, Greg Genske, says Nova has received contract offers in the range of the three-year, $36 million deal J.A. Happ got last offseason, MLB Network Radio reports.

If that's all Nova gets, he's a bargain, and I could even see the Pirates getting involved at that price, since they gave Francisco Liriano a similar deal two years back (although they pulled the plug on it).

Still, I'd expect those $36 million proposals to be opening offers that will increase with time. Nova is considerably younger than Happ was, making a four-year deal less risky for him than it would have been for Happ. Also, Happ's success in Toronto should drive Nova's price upwards, since the entire reason Nova is worthy of a significant deal is because of what he did in two months with the Pirates, and Happ's performance with the Jays suggests two good months in Pittsburgh can be a meaningful indicator of future success.

If even Nova's agent admits that he's getting contract offers in the $36 million range, though, maybe we shouldn't take it for granted that Nova will sign elsewhere. He has said he liked playing in Pittsburgh, so if the Pirates can make an offer that's even competitive, perhaps they'll have a shot at re-signing him.