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Quiz: Members of the 2014 Pirates

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Here’s a quiz that tests how well you remember the 88-win 2014 Pirates. The position listings and games played come courtesy of Baseball Reference. Obviously, some members of the team played more than one position. There was one hitter who did not play defense for the team at any point. I took the liberty of listing him as “PH,” although I think most fans will remember him as a first baseman.

A few other hints:

  1. The bullpen underwent fairly significant changes in-season, including a couple trades. One of those trades backfired.
  2. Yes, this was the year with all the random infielders.
  3. A.J. Burnett played for the Phillies in 2014, and the Bucs replaced him for the season with a different starting pitcher.
  4. First base was not an especially productive position for the Pirates in 2014.

Good luck! And when you’re done with this one, try Members of the 2013 Pirates.