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Quiz: Pirates stolen base leaders since 1950

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For this next quiz, you have to name the Pirates' stolen base leaders since 1950. (The 1950 threshold prevents us from having to worry about dozens of turn-of-the-century players only Vlad could name.) I included 30 players on the list because many of the last 10 are more recent and thus more recognizable, but there are already a few players in the teens who aren't exactly remembered as burners. Some hints:

  • Sporcle's setting allows you to input the last word only, so if there's a player whose last name contains two words, you should enter only the last one. Or you can just put in his whole name.
  • Some players I thought might wind up on this list but didn't include Jose Lind, John Cangelosi and Tike Redman.
  • There are several players on this list who you might remember primarily as first basemen. Weird!

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