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Jung Ho Kang's recent DUI arrest was his third

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jung Ho Kang's recent DUI arrest was the third one he's had in Korea since 2009, Stephen A. Nesbitt reports. Kang will not be able to legally drive for the next two years. The Pirates tell Nesbitt that they were not aware of Kang's previous DUI arrests, which occurred in 2009 and 2011.

How you put this in perspective is up to you. Drunk driving is dangerous and dumb, and you shouldn't do it. But it's also a crime that tons of people get caught committing, and that even more commit and don't get caught. There's no excuse for driving drunk, and there's no taking back a drunk driving crash that results in injury or death. But millions and millions of people do drive drunk, including lots of people you and I know, and we can't really throw the book at all of them.

Whatever we might make of that, though, it's now clear that Kang didn't just make a single mistake. He's a public figure who has three DUIs and was accused of leaving the scene at one of them. He was also accused of sexual assault last summer. At the very least, his judgment has been atrocious. I'm not sure where his career or his life heads from here, but here's hoping it doesn't go to some even darker places.