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Pirates news: Int'l bonus pool, comp pick

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A few news items:

- The Pirates will get a comp B pick (sub. req'd) in the 2017 draft.  The pick probably will be somewhere in the 70s overall.  They already have the 12th pick in the draft, as well as the 42nd pick as compensation for their failure to sign Nick Lodolo out of this year's draft.  Along with their second round pick, that will give them four in roughly the top 80.

- The team's international bonus pool, which under the new CBA is partly dependent on their comp round pick (bonus points if you feel like explaining this) will be $5.75M for the 2017-18 signing period, which starts on July 2.  The amount will be well over twice what they have to spend in the current signing period.  So far, they've made no especially noteworthy signings and they've been unable to come to terms (sub. req'd) with their top target, Jean Eusebio.

Interestingly, under the new CBA, teams that previously exceeded their spending limits will still be subject to the old penalties, meaning they can't sign any player subject to the international bonus rules for more than $300,000 for one or two years.  Quite a few teams are subject to these limits, so competition for top prospects will be artificially reduced.  The Pirates remained good little doobies throughout the previous CBA, with the result that their international scouting program has foundered in recent years.  They'll have a good opportunity to regain some ground . . . if they spend the money.

- Jeff Locke will be reunited with Jim Benedict in Miami.  He'll be getting $3M for one year.