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4 Pirates rank in Keith Law's top 100 list

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pirates minor leaguers do well in Keith Law's list of the top 100 prospects in baseball (Insider-only), with three falling in the top 25 and one more in the bottom half of the list. Law ranks Tyler Glasnow the sport's No. 6 prospect, noting that he doesn't have much of a changeup but giving him high praise for his fastball, curveball and overall upside. Austin Meadows is at No. 16, with Law writing that Meadows will likely be a corner outfielder and needs to develop his power, but that he has star upside if he does.

Law's most controversial pick, at least among Pirates players, is Kevin Newman at No. 23. Law loved Newman heading into the draft, and he continues his praise for Newman here, although he notes that his assessment of Newman isn't shared among those in the game. He thinks Newman can stick at shortstop and be a .300 hitter in the big leagues, and if Newman can develop a bit of power (although that might be ambitious, given his track record), he could have huge upside.

Law ranks Josh Bell No. 56, noting that Bell has struggled with first base defensively but arguing that Bell's excellent approach to hitting should make him a decent regular even if his power doesn't really develop, provided his defense improves.

The most notable omission from the list is that of Jameson Taillon, which I can't disagree with -- Taillon hasn't pitched in two years and wasn't dominating even before that. He certainly still could have plenty of upside, but he no longer appears to be as good a bet as any number of players ahead of him.