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ROOT Sports releases Pirates Spring Training broadcast schedule

J. Meric/Getty Images

ROOT Sports has announced that it will televise 12 Pirates Spring Training games this year, their most ever. Here's the schedule.

Friday, March 4 vs. Twins: 1:05
Sunday, March 6 vs. Astros: 1:05
Monday, March 7 vs. Phillies: 1:05 (rebrodcast at 8:00)
Wednesday, March 9 vs. Red Sox: 1:05 (rebroadcast at 7:00)
Friday, March 11 vs. Rays: 1:05
Sunday, March 13 vs. Tigers: 1:05 (rebroadcast at 7:00)
Thursday, March 17 vs. Yankees: 1:05
Wednesday, March 23 vs. Orioles: 1:05 (rebroadcast at 7:00)
Saturday, March 26 vs. Rays: 6:05
Sunday, March 27 vs. Orioles: 6:05
Monday, March 28 vs. Twins: 1:05 (rebroadcast at 7:00)
Wednesday, March 30 vs. Red Sox: 1:05 (rebroadcast at 7:00)

I'm not sure how many games have been broadcast in recent years, but this seems like a lot, which is great. You can't learn much from looking at Spring Training stats, but you can sometimes learn from watching the games, if only to get looks at minor leaguers you might not normally get to see.

The Pirates' full Spring Training schedule can be found here.