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Pirates to have 19th-largest draft bonus pool

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates currently project to have the 19th-largest draft bonus pool this year, at $6,945,400, Baseball America reports. The Bucs will also have an international bonus pool of $2,044,800, a small figure that is expected given the Pirates' regular-season success last year. The Reds rank first in draft bonus pool size at nearly $14 million, while the Brewers and Cardinals each have a bit over $9 million. The Cubs, after their free agent spending binge this offseason, currently don't have a pick before the third round and rank last in draft pool spending, at $2,245,100. That number could increase somewhat, however, if Dexter Fowler signs with another team.

The draft pool is determined by a team's available picks in the first ten rounds, and largely dictates its ability to splurge on hard-to-sign players. The Bucs' top pick is currently No. 24 overall. They also have a Comp Round A selection, currently No. 41.