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2016 MLB Draft order set; Pirates have No. 22 overall pick

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Now that all the qualifying offer free agents have signed, the 2016 MLB Draft order is set. Here's the first round.

1. Phillies
2. Reds
3. Braves
4. Rockies
5. Brewers
6. Athletics
7. Marlins
8. Padres
9. Tigers
10. White Sox
11. Mariners
12. Red Sox
13. Rays
14. Indians
15. Twins
16. Angels
17. Astros
18. Yankees
19. Mets
20. Dodgers
21. Blue Jays
22. Pirates
23. Cardinals
24. Padres (compensation for Justin Upton)
25. Padres (Ian Kennedy)
26. White Sox (Jeff Samardzija)
27. Orioles (Wei-Yin Chen)
28. Nationals (Jordan Zimmermann)
29. Nationals (Ian Desmond)
30. Rangers (Yovani Gallardo)
31. Mets (Daniel Murphy)
32. Dodgers (Zack Greinke)
33. Cardinals (John Lackey)
34. Cardinals (Jason Heyward)

The Pirates' first pick initially was No. 29, but they moved up seven spots after a number of teams sacrificed their top picks to sign free agents. The Bucs have, of course, become familiar with picking in this range, having selected Kevin Newman No. 19 overall last year and Cole Tucker at No. 24 the year before that.

In addition to the No. 22 pick, the Pirates also have pick No. 41 overall, the last selection in Comp Round A. (The last time they had a Comp Round A pick was in 2014, when they selected Connor Joe at No. 39 overall.) Their second-round pick will be No. 68 overall, and their third-round pick will be No. 105. Picks in each subsequent round will follow 30 picks after the previous one.