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Gamethread: Astros visit Pirates

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates will host the Houston Astros at McKechnie Field starting at 1:05 PM.  The Pirates' lineup is as follows:

1.  Josh Harrison, 2B
2.  Francisco Cervelli, C
3.  Andrew McCutchen, CF
4.  John Jaso, 1B
5.  Mike Morse, RF
6.  Jordy Mercer, SS
7.  Jason Rogers, DH
8.  Jake Goebbert, LF
9.  Max Moroff, 3B

Juan Nicasio will get the start for the Pirates.  Scheduled to follow him are Kyle Lobstein, Arquimedes Caminero, Jared Hughes, John Holdzkom and Wilfredo Boscan.

Does anybody besides me remember how, back when Dave Littlefield and Lloyd McClendon were running the team, the Pirates would refuse to allow use of the designated hitter when they played at home against AL teams?  They were apparently afraid they might give up a competitive advantage in a spring training game and hence their W/L record might suffer.  As opposed to, you know, getting at bats for guys who needed at bats.  Of course, I guess you have to have guys worth getting at bats for.