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Pirates' 2016 draft pool allotments for each pick

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Jim Callis lists the pool values of each pick in next month's draft, in which the Pirates will have a $7,007,900 pool to work with. Here are the Bucs' selections.

22. $2,253,700
41. $1,576,000 (this is the Pirates' Comp Round A pick)
68. $948,900
105. $568,400
135. $425,700
165. $318,800
195. $238,600
225. $185,700
255. $173,500
285. $162,000
315. $156,600

Obviously, what's important is the overall total pool, since the Pirates have no obligation to spend exactly the listed amounts. But the pool values of each pick are good to know, especially as the Bucs beginning signing picks, because we'll get a sense of which selections they most value and which picks have the most leverage. Also, keep in mind that how the Bucs spend in the first ten rounds affects what they can do after that, since any bonus amount over $100,000 for picks after the tenth round counts against the pool.

The Pirates stayed pretty close to their recommended pool allotments for each of their picks last year, but in the past, they've skimped on certain picks in order to sign players like Gage Hinsz, Neil Kozikowski and Erich Weiss for more than their picks indicated they should get.