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Hello, Bucs Dugout!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone! My name’s Dan Hopper, I’m a longtime BD reader and commenter under the stealth username "Dan H" with an avatar of a guy who is me. I’ll be writing some articles and recaps here from time to time, and just wanted to introduce myself so you’re not like "who’s this new guy? He’s terrible." (Instead you’ll be like "oh it’s that Dan Hopper guy. I have no opinion of him.")

I was the managing editor of for the past few years writing (occasionally) humorous pieces and pop culture articles, and an editor for VH1’s Best Week Ever blog before that. I’ve also contributed to SB Nation, the New Yorker, and Deadspin in various capacities. Pittsburgh sports has always been my #1 area of interest and knowledge (not counting The Simpsons), and I’m excited to offer up my thoughts and interact with an extremely passionate and knowledgeable Pirates community here at BD.

I was born and raised in Squirrel Hill and went to Penn State, then lived in New York City for 11 years, and recently moved to Los Angeles to be part of The Biz*!  (*Being unemployed for long periods of time but it’s warm and sports come on at 4 pm.)

You can follow my Pirates / Penguins / Steelers thoughts at @DanHoppSports, or my dumb everything-else thoughts on my regular account, @DanHopp.

And if you’re interested at all in comedy stuff I’ve written, I like this one and this one.

That’s all. See you on the site! Hopefully all my recaps are as much fun as that awesome 7-1 Arrieta game that I couldn’t turn off because I promised Charlie I’d write the recap.

- Dan H.