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MLB Draft Day 2: Pirates select Stephen Alemais, Braeden Ogle, Blake Cederlind

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Here's your thread for Day 2 of the draft, which begins at 1:00 pm.'s tracker is here. The Pirates' first-pick, their third-rounder, is No. 105 overall. They will then have a selection every 30 picks through Round 10.

Picks come much faster on Day 2 than they did on Day 1, and they're lower-profile, so we'll probably stick with this thread for awhile.

2:00pm: The Pirates have picked Stephen (evidently pronounced "Stefen") Alemais, a junior shortstop from Tulane, in the third round. lists Alemais as the No. 114 prospect in the draft. Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo said on the broadcast that Alemais was an excellent fielder who could stick at shortstop. The question is his hitting, which is contact-oriented and evidently very unlikely to lead to power. Baseball America lists Alemais at No. 120.

2:43: The Bucs have selected Florida high school lefty Braeden Ogle in the fourth round. rates him the No. 86 overall prospect in the draft, calling him "projectable and unpolished." He's only 6-foot-2, which isn't archetypal size for a "projectable" pitcher, but he can already touch 96, although it sounds like the Pirates might have their work cut out for him in getting him to repeat his delivery. He's committed to the University of Florida. Baseball America likes Ogle even better, giving him a nice No. 69 ranking and offering tentative praise for his curveball and changeup as well as his fastball. You don't always hear nice things about late-round high school pitchers' secondary pitches, so that's nice to hear.

3:25: The Pirates' fifth-round pick is Blake Cederlind, a 20-year-old righty from a junior college in California. Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis weren't familiar with him, and he isn't listed in either's or BA's top prospects lists. He was a 22nd-round pick by the Twins last year. Here's some info from last year from the Twins' scouting director:

"Cederlind’s got a good arm. He’s kind of, I wouldn’t say a project, but a projectable (junior college) kid," Twins scouting director Deron Johnson told Fox Sports North. "He hit 94 at our workout. He didn’t get a lot of time on the mound this year, but we took a gamble on a guy with a good arm (and) a nice body."

According to BA's J.J. Cooper, Cederlind has at least touched 97 MPH, although he doesn't always know where the ball is going. Cederlind seems to be committed to UC-Davis.

4:17: The Pirates have picked Cam Vieaux, a lefty from Michigan State, in the sixth round. He's a redshirt junior. writes that he "knows how to pitch," which is a scouty euphemism for not having particularly good stuff. He's not ranked in MLB's top 200. Baseball America has him at No. 245, and their report is more detailed but pretty similar, calling him a "typical polished college lefty without a truly plus pitch but plenty of success because of pitch selection, control and a varied assortment of offerings." He evidently throws 87-91 MPH. The Pirates often look for college starters at this point in the draft, grabbing guys like Brandon Waddell, Nate Baker and Cody Dickson at similar points in previous drafts.

4:54: The Bucs' seventh-round pick is Brent Gibbs, a catcher from a junior college in Arizona. BA rates him the No. 194 prospect in the draft, noting that he's strong defensively, with an outstanding arm and good receiving skills. Some scouts like him a bit offensively, as well. He's committed to USC, but he's already almost 22, so BA suspects he'd like to get his pro career started. If he does, he'll join a fairly large group of good Pirates defensive catching prospects, including Reese McGuire, Elias Diaz and Jacob Stallings.

5:33: With their eighth-round pick, the Pirates have selected Dylan Prohoroff, a junior righty from Cal State-Fullerton. He doesn't rank in either or BA's lists. He evidently can touch 95 MPH, and there's plenty of (admittedly vague) praise online for his fastball. He had a strong season in the bullpen this year, whiffing 30 batters, walking five and allowing just two earned runs in 26.1 innings.

6:12: In the ninth round, the Pirates picked Clark Eagan, a center fielder from Arkansas. lists him as a sophomore, but on the broadcast, Jim Callis said he was actually a junior. Eagan is the first outfielder the Pirates have selected so far this year. He's not on either's or BA's lists. Callis said Eagan perhaps profiled more as a corner outfielder or first baseman. He batted .298/.370/.444 for the Razorbacks this year.

6:49: With their last pick of the day, the Bucs selected Matt Anderson, a senior righty from Morehead State. BA ranks Anderson as the 298th-best prospect in the draft, noting that he sits in the 88-92 MPH range but with a bunch of deception, leading to a ridiculous 130 strikeouts in 91.2 innings. BA says he has a decent slider but a fringy curve and changeup, which could suggest he has a history as a reliever. This looks like a good value pick in the 10th round, particularly given that he likely won't cost much to sign due to his senior status.