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2016 MLB Draft: Pirates sign Blake Cederlind, Brent Gibbs

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Via's Jonathan Mayo, the Pirates have signed fifth-round pick Blake Cederlind and seventh-rounder Brent Gibbs. Cederlind will receive $285,000, saving the Pirates about $34,000 against his pick value of around $319,000. Gibbs gets $150,000 versus a pick value of around $186,000. So between the two picks, the Pirates save about $70,000 against their draft pool, which they'll likely use on potentially tougher-to-sign early-round picks like fourth-rounder Braeden Ogle (who's committed to the University of Florida) or on a later pick like 11th-rounder Max Kranick (who's set to head to the University of Virginia).

Anyway, our previous coverage of Cederlind and Gibbs can be found here and here. Cederlind is a potentially hard-throwing righty from the state of California. Gibbs is a defensively-minded catcher who had a commitment to USC. Gibbs is already almost 22 and might have been fairly eager to start his pro career. Both were junior college players. I'm not sure where they'll be assigned, but it wouldn't be surprising if each played at Bristol at some point this year. Gibbs seems likely to start at a higher level than Cederlind, though, due to his age.

UPDATE (WTM):  The Pirates have also signed sixth rounder Cam Vieaux, a LHP from MIchigan State; eighth rounder Dylan Prohoroff, a RHP from Cal State Fullerton; and ninth rounder Clark Eagan, an OF from Arkansas.  According to Jim Callis, Prohoroff got $13,500 below slot and Eagan $2000 below slot.  Vieaux' bonus is unknown as yet.