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Pirates announce series of draft pick signings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have announced nine draft pick signings (including fifth-rounder Blake Cederlind and seventh-rounder Brent Gibbs, who we covered yesterday). Here they are:

5. Blake Cederlind
6. Cam Vieaux
7. Brent Gibbs
8. Dylan Prohoroff
9. Clark Eagan
15. Danny Beddes
16. Matt Diorio
18. Kevin Mahala
22. Brandon Bingel

Jim Callis tweeted last night that Eagan would get $160,000, around the same as his slot figure of $162,000, and that Prohoroff would also get $160,000, versus a slot value of around $174,000.

Per the team announcement, Cederlind and Gibbs (both junior college players) will head to Bristol. The other seven players, who are all college guys, will head to Morgantown, providing the Black Bears with a significant chunk of their roster.

Most of the Pirates' top picks, including first-rounder Will Craig, remain unsigned, although that's fairly normal at this point. The Bucs' signings of their picks later in the top ten thus far (Cederlind, Gibbs, Prohoroff, Eagan) appear to have saved the Pirates a small amount of money (a bit under $100,000) that they can use on other picks.