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Pirates sign first-rounder Will Craig

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a bit behind on this one, but the Pirates announced yesterday that they've signed first-round pick Will Craig. Via's Jim Callis, Craig will receive the full value of his draft slot, which is $2,253,700. This is pretty standard stuff -- signing Craig wasn't expected to be an issue. It's nice to see him in the fold, though, allowing him to get off to a quick start to his pro career, which he'll begin in Morgantown.

Callis also notes that the Pirates have come to terms with 10th-rounder Matthew Anderson for $10,000. Again, this isn't surprising -- Anderson was a senior and thus didn't have much leverage. His signing will save the Pirates a bit of money against their draft pool. Here's the running list of picks with whom the Pirates have agreed to terms.

1. Will Craig
5. Blake Cederlind
6. Cam Vieaux
7. Brent Gibbs
8. Dylan Prohoroff
9. Clark Eagan
10. Matthew Anderson
15. Danny Beddes
16. Matt Diorio
18. Kevin Mahala
22. Brandon Bingel