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Pirates sign many draft picks

According to Pirates Prospects (sub. req'd), Jonathan Mayo, and Jim Callis, the Pirates have signed 13 more draft picks.  The two most significant ones are second round pick Travis MacGregor and third rounder Stephen Alemais.  MacGregor is a prep RHP who was considered by pretty much every draft observer to have been severely overdrafted.  Mayo tweets that he got a $900,000 bonus, which was $48,900 below the slot value.  Alemais is a defense-first shortstop who signed for $500,000, according to Callis.  That's $68,400 below the slot amount.

P2 estimates that the Pirates now have just over $750,000 in mad money to spend in over-slot bonuses.  The only draftees from the first ten rounds who haven't signed are supplemental pick Nick Lodolo and fourth round pick Braeden Ogle, both prep LHPs.  These are the only two remaining potential signings that would allow the Pirates to accumulate more over-slot money, but it's unlikely either will sign for appreciably less than slot money.  In fact, the Pirates may have to go above the slot amount to sign Lodolo.  The availability of above-slot money is significant to the Pirates' chances of signing three draftees, all prep players:  11th rounder Max Kranick and 33rd rounder Austin Shields, both RHPs; and 24th rounder Austin Bodrato, a third baseman.  The slot amount for all picks after round ten is $100,000.

P2 is reporting eleven other signings, all college players, mostly seniors.  These players (with draft round listed) all will head to Bristol.

13.  John Pomeroy, RHP
20.  Adam Oller, RHP
21.  Matt Eckelman, RHP
23.  Garrett Brown, CF
26.  Robbie Coursel, RHP
27.  Tyler Leffler, SS
28.  Michael Danielak, RHP
29.  Geoff Hartlieb, RHP
31.  Jordan Jess, LHP
34.  Craig Dedelow, CF
35.  Pasquale Mazzoccoli, RHP