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Pirates sign Max Kranick

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Times-Tribune newspaper in Scranton is reporting that the Pirates have signed their 11th round draft pick, right handed pitcher Max Kranick.  Baseball America and Keith Law both rated Kranick as a top 100 prospect in the draft, 84th according to BA and 88th according to Law.  He throws in the low-90s and has reached 95.  His secondary stuff needs work, which is pretty typical for a prep pitcher.  Kranick likely will start his career in the Gulf Coast League.

Kranick was one of several prep players the Pirates selected on day three of the draft, all of them candidates for above-slot bonuses.  There's no information yet on his bonus.  The slot value for all picks after round ten is $100,000.  Kranick undoubtedly required a good deal more than that to sign.  After earlier signings, and counting the amount by which the Pirates could exceed their pool amount without losing a first round draft pick, the Pirates had over $300,000 in slot money available.  They're still negotiating with competitive round pick Nick Lodolo, a LHP, whose slot amount is $1,576,000.  They could conceivably add to their "extra" bonus money by signing Lodolo below slot, but if they don't sign him they lose his entire slot amount.