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Josh Bell, Tyler Glasnow named make International League All-Star team

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Bell and Tyler Glasnow have made the International League All-Star game and will represent the league at the Triple-A All-Star Game July 13 in Charlotte, the league has announced. (The team has, obviously, had several other really good performers, including Jameson Taillon, Chad Kuhl and Adam Frazier, although they're all in the big leagues right now.)

I recently discussed Bell here. He's a worthy choice. Glasnow makes sense as well, purely based on results -- he's posted a 1.70 ERA and held IL batters to a ridiculous 53 hits in 90 innings this season. As David Todd and I have discussed recently on the podcast and on his show, I don't think Glasnow would be likely to help much in the big leagues right now, at least not as a starter, because his control issues would become a big problem against better hitters. But what he's done this season is still very impressive, and the evidence continues to accumulate that Glasnow is going to be very, very good if he can improve his control a little.