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Jung Ho Kang accused of sexual assault

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jung Ho Kang has been accused of sexual assault, the Chicago Tribune reports. He has not been charged, but police are investigating the reported incident, which apparently took place when the Pirates were in Chicago a few weeks ago.

The Pirates released a statement from team president Frank Coonelly.

We have been made aware of the allegation that has been made against Jung Ho Kang. We take allegations of this type extremely seriously. Pursuant to the Joint MLB/MLBPA Policy on such matters, this matter is exclusively before the Commissioner’s Office at this time. We have and will continue to cooperate fully with the Commissioner’s Office. As a result of the ongoing police investigation, we cannot comment further at this time. We have also advised our staff and our players that they should not comment on the matter either. We all need to be respectful to the police investigation of a very serious allegation.

The details of the story, as reported in the Tribune article, are awful. The police say Kang met a woman through a dating app and that she came to his hotel June 17. She says he served her a drink, and she blacked out shortly thereafter, and he sexually assaulted her, partially while she was unconscious. She reportedly had a rape kit done two days later, and eventually filed a complaint with police.

Beyond that, there isn't much to say here at this time, except that this is horrific news. We will continue to follow the story as it develops.