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Pirates trade Kyle Lobstein to Orioles for Zach Phillips

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have announced that they've traded Kyle Lobstein to the Orioles for lefty Zach Phillips. The Bucs designated Lobstein for assignment yesterday when they added Kelvin Marte to their roster, so Phillips' addition provides them with a bit of extra depth.

The 29-year-old Phillips made a handful of big-league appearances with the Orioles and Marlins from 2011 through 2013. He's spent this season with Triple-A Norfolk, posting a 4.45 ERA and 4.5 BB/9 but with a very nice 12.5 K/9. Despite those big strikeout totals, though, he's not a hard thrower, or at least he wasn't when he pitched in the majors.

The Pirates have assigned Phillips to Indianapolis for now, and he's not on their 40-man roster. We should find out pretty soon if the Bucs have any plans for him, since there are only five days left in the Triple-A season, and since Phillips should be eligible for minor league free agency at the end of the year. If they don't, it's really no big deal, since they only gave up an in-limbo Kyle Lobstein to get him.