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Pirates promote Zach Phillips

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the Pirates have announced that they've promoted lefty Zach Phillips. They cleared space for him by placing Elias Diaz on the 60-day DL. The Bucs also officially selected Wade LeBlanc's contract.

The Bucs acquired Phillips when they traded Kyle Lobstein to the Orioles a couple weeks back. As I noted at the time, Phillips appeared briefly in the big leagues with the O's and then the Marlins from 2011 through 2013, but he hasn't pitched in the majors since. This year, he pitched 62 innings at the Triple-A level, posting a middling 4.35 ERA and 4.8 BB/9 but with a very high 12.3 K/9. Despite that, he doesn't appear to be a flame-thrower -- he averaged about 90 MPH on his fastball in his big-league stints.

The likelihood is that Phillips will pitch a few innings for the Bucs, then head elsewhere this offseason. But whatever. The Pirates are very much in the who-cares portion of their season, and there are dumber things to do with roster spots than give a tryout to a lefty with a very high strikeout rate.