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Pirates to play 2 exhibition games in Montreal

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates will play the Blue Jays in two exhibition games at Olympic Stadium in Montreal next March 31 and April 1, according to various reports.

The Bucs, of course, used to go to Montreal until the Expos relocated following the 2004 season, and particularly when the Pirates and Expos were both in the NL East.

Beyond that, though, this isn't really about the Bucs in particular, but about the city of Montreal, which is itching to have baseball back (and which just might get its wish if MLB decides to expand). These two exhibition games will surely draw large and enthusiastic crowds, particularly with the Blue Jays involved.

The trip to Montreal also gives Pirates fans a chance to see the Bucs early in the year without having to go to Florida. It would be well worth making the trip north if you don't mind dealing with the cold outside. (The games themselves will be played indoors.) Montreal is a unique city that feels very culturally different from Pittsburgh, and there will be plenty to do besides watch the games.