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Pregame: Pirates to skip Jameson Taillon and Chad Kuhl's next scheduled starts

Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Rotation changes

The Pirates will skip both Chad Kuhl and Jameson Taillon's next scheduled starts. Drew Hutchison will pitch in place of Kuhl Saturday; and, Gerrit Cole will start Monday in Philadelphia in place of Taillon.

Clint Hurdle said the decision was made with an eye on Kuhl and Taillon's innings count. They will be re-plugged into the rotation the next cycle through.

Trevor Williams was also in the running to make Saturday's start, but that changed after he pitched three innings Wednesday night.

Perhaps surprisingly, Tyler Glasnow was not selected for a start. Hurdle said that the right-hander will remain in the bullpen for the immediate future.

"Things have gone hot and cold [with Glasnow]," Hurdle said. "We looking for some consistency, so maybe shrink wrap with the idea of a two-inning stint here and there. I don't have any anticipation of bringing him up in the middle of an inning and starting him up that way. We're going to try to give him some small bites initially and see how that works."

Specifically, the Pirates want to see Glasnow work on a consistent delivery and release point.

Marte limping around

Starling Marte is out of the starting lineup for the third game in a row. Clint Hurdle did not sound optimistic that his left fielder will be returning this series.

"I don't know [when he will return]," Hurdle said. "He walked out on the field last night after the game and I said it reminded me of myself back in 2014 going out there to make pitching changes. We'll have to wait and see."

Hurdle was referring to the bum hip that forced him to limp out to the mound throughout the '14 season.

Bell in right

Josh Bell will make his first major league start in right field tonight.

"I wanted to get his bat back in the lineup and I thought this might be a creative way to do it," Hurdle said.

Bell played right field once a week while in Indianapolis and takes a rotation in the outfield during batting practice.

Indy bullpen

Five members of this year's Indianapolis Indians starting rotation are currently in the Pirates' bullpen. Hurdle said that the club was "absolutely" looking for one or two of the guys to become a multiple innings/sixth starter next year. One of the subplots over the remaining 25 games is who will take the lead for that role heading into spring training.