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Rangers designate Brady Dragmire for assignment

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers have announced that they've designated Brady Dragmire for assignment. This is not a drill. Dragmire lost his roster spot to Tyson Ross, to whom the Pirates were also once connected.

Here's Dragmire's transaction history this offseason, via

September 27: Blue Jays designate Dragmire for assignment.

October 5: Blue Jays trade Dragmire to the Pirates for cash.

December 2: The Rangers claim Dragmire from the Pirates.

December 13: The Rangers designate Dragmire for assignment.

December 14: The Pirates claim Dragmire.

December 21: The Pirates designate Dragmire for assignment.

December 23: The Rangers claim Dramgire.

January 19: The Rangers designate Dragmire for assignment.

This all seems like a plot by a teenage novelist who's just read Kafka for the first time, or an absurd psychological test. How will the young Dragmire react? Will he take it all in stride, secure in the knowledge that he's still a professional baseball player and that he'll surely wind up somewhere? Will he stay up nights worrying about whether he'll spend Spring Training in Florida or Arizona, and whether all the waiver claims will stop by the time it begins? Will he shake his fist at the clouds, wishing he could be anything other than a ballplayer on the margins? It's unclear.