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Pirates’ proposed draft bonus pool

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America has published the proposed draft slots for the 2017 MLB draft. I don’t know what the odds are of the amounts changing, but I wouldn’t think they’d change a lot. As BA explains, the new CBA included some changes to the slot computations that were intended in part to flatten out the first round bonuses, so the decline after the first few picks isn’t as sharp as it formerly was. The changes also pushed more money from later rounds to the earliest picks.

Of course, what really matters is how much the Pirates have to spend compared to other teams. With them owning four of the top 72 picks and five of the top 88, their total proposed pool is $9,652,200, which is the seventh largest after the Twins ($13,481,500), Reds, Rays, Padres, Athletics and Brewers. The Cards and Indians have the two lowest pools, the only two below $4,000,000. The Pirates’ pool breaks down as follows:

Round 1 (12th overall): $3,839,600
2 (42 — for failing to sign Nick Lodolo): $1,557,500
2 (50): $1,292,500
2Supp (72 — competitive balance pick): $765,600
3 (88): $596,700
4 (118): $429,000
5 (148): $320,400
6 (178): $243,700
7 (208): $190,500
8 (238): $153,000
9 (268): $135,900
10 (298): $127,800