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Notes: Cardinals to lose 2 draft picks

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

A couple notes for Monday:

  • MLB has stripped the Cardinals of the No. 56 and No. 75 picks in this year’s draft (their second-rounder and Comp Round B pick, which the Cardinals had for some reason) and $2 million as punishment for the hacking scandal. Both those picks will go to the Astros, along with the money (and the pool values of the picks). The Cardinals had already lost their first-round pick for signing Dexter Fowler, so they now won’t pick until No. 94 this year. Still, this seems like a pretty light punishment for repeatedly hacking another team’s database. MLB has permanently banned former Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa, who it determines was the only Cardinals employee responsible. Wilbur covered the scandal this weekend.
  • Former Pirate Brandon Moss has agreed to a two-year, $12 million deal with the Royals. The deal suggests Moss wasn’t highly valued despite hitting 28 homers last season. As others have pointed out recently, this offseason suggests teams aren’t emphasizing power in the way they once did, and there’s been a glut of power hitters remaining on the open market, including Mike Napoli, Chris Carter and another former Pirate, Pedro Alvarez. Still, it’s notable that Moss remains a useful player six years after flaming out with the Bucs. He now has 138 career homers to his name after hitting just 13 in parts of three seasons with the Pirates.