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Keith Law lists Pirates’ top 10 prospects

Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates

ESPN’s Keith Law (subscribers only) lists his top ten (well, more like top 20) Pirates prospects. The piece includes links to the completion of his list of the top 100 prospects in baseball, which I hadn’t yet seen.

If you’re curious about Law’s insights, consider subscribing. But here’s the gist: If you’re a Pirates fan, you should be pretty happy about what he has to say here.

Law has Austin Meadows at No. 9 overall, which isn’t surprising, but then he departs from the usual script, ranking Josh Bell at No. 14, which seems very high for a guy with so little defensive value. He describes Bell as a potential 25-homer player who should still do most of his offensive damage by getting on base, and says he’ll potentially be worth four to five wins offensively. Just behind Bell is Mitch Keller at No. 16; Law describes Keller as at least a No. 3 starter if he stays healthy, and perhaps a No. 1.

Of the players in the Pirates list who missed the top 100, Law thinks Elias Diaz will eventually be an everyday catcher, that Steven Brault will end up as a reliever, and that Taylor Hearn is a “project” due to his underwhelming control.

Overall, it’s a very positive take on the Pirates’ farm system — including Meadows, Bell, Keller, Tyler Glasnow and Kevin Newman, Law has five Bucs ranked in the top 33 in the game.