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Notes: White Sox want to trade Jose Quintana before Spring Training starts

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

A couple notes for Wednesday:

  • The White Sox want to trade Jose Quintana before the start of Spring Training, although waiting to trade him is still a possibility, Buster Olney writes (link for subscribers only). The Pirates, of course, have been strongly connected to Quintana, although there’s no news on the extent of their involvement in any ongoing trade talks. The White Sox are rebuilding, but they need not feel much urgency to trade Quintana if they don’t get the right offer, since he’s controllable through 2020.
  • Free agent starter Tyson Ross is visiting with the Rangers today, and the team appears keenly interested in him. There are reportedly five other teams interested, although it’s not clear who those are. The Pirates were one of about a billion teams to be connected with Ross this winter. He’s had injury issues that could delay his 2017 debut, but as a ground-ball pitcher with good stuff, he would be an interesting fit for the Pirates and their coaching staff. The last rumors to connect Ross to the Pirates emerged before the team re-signed Ivan Nova; it’s not clear what effect that deal might have had on the Pirates’ interest.