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Pirates’ projected arbitration salaries

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

MLBTR has posted Matt Swartz’ projected arbitration salaries for 2018. Swartz has a good track record, so this is a fairly accurate estimate of what the Pirates will pay out if their cases go to arbitration. They only have four this year, which is unusually small number for them in recent years. Service time is in parentheses. Felipe Rivero obviously is a “super two” and will have four arbitration seasons.

Jordy Mercer (5.095) – $6.5MM

George Kontos (4.171) – $2.7MM

Gerrit Cole (4.111) – $7.5MM

Felipe Rivero (2.162) – $3.1MM

It’s also unusual that none of these guys is a non-tender candidate. Well, maybe Kontos, but I doubt it.