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Pirates release more minor leaguers

In the absence of real news . . . .

According to Pirates Prospects (sub. req’d), the Pirates have released another seven low-level minor leaguers. These are: RHPs Dany Hernandez, Eumir Sepulveda and Jose Delgado; IF Julio De La Cruz; and OFs Sandy Santos, Henrry Rosario and Luis Benitez.

These are all players who just weren’t advancing. De La Cruz signed for $700,000 in 2012 — more than the Pirates have been willing to shell out to any Latin American signee since then — but struggled consistently at all phases of the game. Santos had big-time tools but poor instincts; the Pirates tried converting him to the mound this fall, apparently without success. Hernandez was the other Cuban pitcher the Pirates signed last spring, along with Yoandy Fernandez, who was released yesterday. So the team’s latest, half-hearted foray into Cuba went nowhere fast.

One other item: first baseman Edwin Espinal signed with the Tigers. He’ll be eligible for the Rule 5 draft.