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Rule 5 deadline is today

The deadline for teams to protect prospects from the Rule 5 draft is today. All teams have until 8pm Eastern Time to add players to the 40-man roster. It’s also possible there could be some waiver activity as teams move to open up roster spots. A discussion of the decisions facing the Pirates is here. The guy in the photo is RHP Luis Escobar.

One particularly interesting team will be the Yankees. Baseball America detailed recently (sub. req’d) how the Yankees are overloaded with prospects who could interest other teams in the draft, probably more than they can protect. One such is former Pirates prospect, LHP Stephen Tarpley, who came to the team in the trade for Travis Snider and left in the trade for Ivan Nova. Tarpley had a big year in 2017 pitching in relief. A lot of the Yankees’ excess prospects resulted from their efforts in Latin America, where they actually spent, y’know, money.

A couple of other news items involving teams that are determined to compete contend in 2018:

The Cardinals and Giants reportedly have made formal offers for Giancarlo Stanton. Several articles recently have stated that many MLB execs think the Marlins will have to choose between salary relief and a big prospect haul. Of course, a mixture of the two seems most likely.

Milwaukee supposedly is going after Jake Arrieta. Considering that Arrieta is one of the few pitchers in MLB the Pirates seem able to hit, that might not be a totally bad thing.