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It’s Exactly What The World Needs: A New Pirates Podcast!

Hello, Only Pittsburgh Sports Comments Section That Doesn’t Make Me Immediately FuriousTM! Bucs Dugout sometimes-writer Dan Hopper here to let you know that I started a new Pittsburgh Sports podcast with D.J. Gallo, the founder of SportsPickle and a fellow comedy writer and Pirate fan.

We launched this week with a full episode about the Pirates -- we interviewed Matt Gatjka of DKPittsburghSports about what it's like to cover the Pirates beat during a terrible season versus a good one, talked about the Pirates' poor drafting history, and tried to answer the question, "is there any reason for Pirates fans to be optimistic right now?" We also got into potential offseason moves, the futures of Andrew McCutchen, Gerrit Cole, and Josh Harrison, and talked about how hard it is to rip on Neal Huntington now without sounding like every angry yinzer who's been doing it for 10 years:

If you're on board, we've got episodes about the Penguins and Steelers too. Hopefully we can fill the VASTLY under-served Pittsburgh sports media landscape and overall tragic shortage of sports podcasts in existence.



Direct Link:

(Also, if you like the podcast, leave us a review on iTunes and mention your favorite obscure Pirate somewhere in the review, and we’ll read some of our favorites on future episodes. Or just lay into me in the comments! Or both! FYI Kevin Polcovich has already been claimed.)