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Non-tender deadline likely to be dull for the Pirates

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Today, specifically 8pm Eastern time today, is the deadline for teams to non-tender players who are eligible for arbitration. MLBTR has a list here. The only Pirate player on it is Jordy Mercer, whom MLBTR projects to get a $6.5M salary. Despite strong partisan leanings in certain quarters, Mercer isn’t likely to go anywhere.

Maybe the most interesting non-tender candidate is Atlanta first baseman Matt Adams. The current rumor is that he definitely won’t be with the Braves past the deadline, whether by trade or non-tender. That’s probably of interest mainly to AL teams as he’s really a DH.

UPDATE: As Vlad mentions in the comments, there could be some fringy bullpen options appear as the non-tender decisions get announced today. Feel free to discuss it here as MLBTR provides updates.